Do you have what it takes?

We’re honoring customers who have demonstrated excellence in innovation, community heroism, and in other ways.

Choose from categories below and submit your application before February 5, 2020.
We’d love to celebrate with you at Entrust 2020 but you don’t need to be present to win.


ROI Impact Award

It’s a fact: organizations save money when they invest in PowerDMS. Whether it’s a reduction in paper and printing costs or the overtime savings that come with moving training online, PowerDMS users have the potential to save their organizations tens of thousands of dollars every year.

The winner of this award will share a story of how much time and money PowerDMS has saved their organization with quantifiable numbers.


Innovation Award

Once our users dig into PowerDMS, they usually discover new, creative ways to use the software to solve problems. What are some creative ways in which your organization has used PowerDMS? (For example, replace a bulletin board or sync shift information from external sources using an API.)

The winner of this award will demonstrate unique and creative ways they’ve used PowerDMS to help their organization increase trust and efficiency.


Community Hero Award

PowerDMS helps organizations build trust with their communities by ensuring staff have has access to crucial content like policies and training when it matters most. How has PowerDMS helped you impact your community in a positive way?

The winner of this award will be able to share how PowerDMS has helped their organization impact their community in a positive way.


Champion of the Year Award

You love all things PowerDMS and are part of our Champions program. You’ve completed reviews, provided referrals or participated in interviews. Perhaps you’ve even helped outside of PowerDMS Champions.

The winner of this award must have a high level of engagement in PowerDMS Champions (with the points to back it up) and will share how their contributions have made a significant impact for PowerDMS.

Environmental Protector.jpg

Environmental Protector Award

Your organization is very proud of making your policy, training, and accreditation management processes paperless. In fact, going green was one of the main reasons for using PowerDMS!

The winner of this award will demonstrate with specific examples and data how PowerDMS has helped their organization protect the environment.


Power User Award

All the other categories speak to the trust, efficiency, and value that using PowerDMS brings, but we all know the real stars are the administrators behind the scenes. The Power User award celebrates the PowerDMS administrator who has demonstrated vision and strategy to deliver actual results.

The winner of this award will have served as an agent of change in their organization, rallying others to embrace the full capabilities of PowerDMS. They’re a driving force behind their program, understanding not only how PowerDMS can benefit their organization, but the leadership necessary to bring their vision to life.